The 5 Best Exercises to Build Your Forearm Muscles

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Since the beginning of time, guys have known that building their arm muscles is not only important for everyday activities, but also help swoon a few ladies along the way.

However, this goes way beyond just doing bicep exercises. You also have to build forearm muscles, shoulder and triceps as well. Strong arms will do much more than help you pick up ladies. Pretty much everything you do on a daily basis could be improved when you have stronger arms.

When it comes to building forearm muscles, there are many easy exercises you can do. Here is a list of five of the best exercises for forearm muscles, and easy step-by-step instructions for each.

Reverse Barbell Curls

One of the best bets you have for a deep forearm workout is the “Reverse Barbell Curl”. This exercise will help develop both your forearm and bicep. Pick up a barbell, not too heavy, with an overhand hold. Your hands should be about a hips length apart and your feet, a shoulders length. For the best workout, try to keep your thumbs on top of the bar, not under it. Start with your arms straight and the barbell on your thigh. Begin to curl the barbell until your arm is at your shoulder level, perpendicular to your body. Then lower the barbell slowly back to your thigh area. Repeat the exercise.

Barbell Wrist Curls

This exercise works great at building muscle in your forearms. To position yourself for the “Barbell Wrist Curl”, begin by leaning forward slightly, so that you are able to place both your forearms between your legs while sitting on a bench. When you grab the barbell, keep both of your palms facing you. With your wrists fully extended, slowly lower the barbell. Loosen your hold on the barbell slightly, and then move it lower again. Afterward, tighten your grasp and return your wrist back to its usual position. Raise the barbell once again, after you lower the barbell slowly. Repeat this exercise.

Hand Grippers

For this forearm exercise, you will need a “Hand Gripper”, which can be easily attained at a sporting goods stores or online. There are numerous exercises you can do with a hand gripper. The first exercise is pretty simple. Grab the hand grippers and close them. Keep them closed for as long as you can.

Another exercise you can do with a hand gripper, is to change hands while you are gripping it and then progressively increase the number of times that you grip with each hand. Heres a breakdown of what you must do. First, with one of your hands, grip the gripper once. Then, with your other hand, grip the gripper once again. Grip one more than the previous time when you alternate hands back to your original hand. Keep up with this process up until you don’t see it possible to do more.

Farmer’s Walk

The “Farmers Walk” is one of the best exercises for building forearm muscle. Doing it regularly will help strengthen your forearms over time. With both hands, pick up two heavy dumb-bells. With your arms down and back straight, walk as far as you can with the dumb-bells in hand. Once you feel that your arms can’t hold them any longer, safely put them on the ground and give your arms a break for a minute or so. Then, pick the dumb-bells back up and continue to walk as far as you can. For this forearm exercise, it may be best to wear a back brace, to help provide support to your lower back.

Newspaper Scrunch

This last forearm exercise targets the tiny muscles in your fingers, as well as your forearms. Take an individual sheet of newspaper. Using no other finger but your thumb and forefinger, grab on to the top corner. With only your thumb and forefinger, crush the piece of newspaper into a ball and put pressure until you feel unable to hold the ball. Do it again with the remaining hand. When you complete with your other hand, use your starting hand again, and so forth.

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25 Responses to “The 5 Best Exercises to Build Your Forearm Muscles”

  1. Jay says:

    Really? Couldn’t afford a digital camera to give photo examples?

  2. alan statham says:

    You could have made this article 1000% more useful by adding pictures!

  3. dcp says:

    you forgot deadlifts and pull ups…do you even workout?

  4. Carol says:

    Good tips for building your forearm muscles. My husband and I were just talking about this while at the gym. I’m going to have to email this to him now. Thanks!

  5. Dedicating time to working out forearms is a waste of valuable gym time, IMHO. Almost any pulling exercise you do will work your fore arms, no need to dedicate time to them if you are already getting a complete body workout unless you are a competing body builder.

    Charlie, C.S.C.S

  6. Meh says:

    Crunching newspaper? Probably get a better workout floggin the dolphin….


      If you do this properly it is an excellent hand and forearm strengthener. You are better off using a page from the New York Times as it is larger than pages from most other newspapers.

  7. fap fap fap fap says:

    I know the best exercise for a super strong arm.

  8. ad says:

    Really? No fapping?

  9. Rea Wolfert says:

    Recently I changed my diet and started working out regularely. I can honestly say I have never felt this alive and energetic.

  10. Good review of forearm exercise. of those I would choose the farmers walk as it uses the largest amount of muscle mass. This likely would ramp up anabolic hormones which act globally to increase forearm size and strength
    Joe Cannon MS CSCS NSCA-CPT

  11. tom grow says:

    I use these for P90X and, as others have said, the only drawback is the length which makes it a little awkward for the exercises where the weights are close to your body. Other than that, they work great. They take up very little space and are quickly and easily adjusted. I’m very happy with them.

  12. Catz says:

    I love this forms of exercises. It will really give real strength.

  13. Jake says:

    I think Barbell Wrist Curls are the best exercises for forearm muscles, I have been doing those exercises and I have achieved good results.

  14. Steven Bancroft says:

    I’ve done the first 3 which are great, but never heard of the last two – the Farmer’s Walk and Newspaper Scrunch. The Farmer’s Walk sounds deadly effective. Generally I do the curls because it’s convenient in the gym .. but the Farmer’s Walk is equally convenient. Besides, Joe Cannon above sounds like he knows a thing or two about these exercises.

  15. stevie says:

    Ive just read this article with extreme interest and did so with a cucumber up my chuffer

  16. Ark says:

    I really like the efforts made by the writer of this page. It seems that you really know the tips and tricks on how to build muscles. I am also like you. I love to share my learnings.

  17. Gene says:

    Just try to not to work out your forearms exclusively, that might look a bit odd.

  18. Mesa says:

    seems like everything you do on a daily basis could be improved when you have stronger arms.

  19. hunterX0506 says:

    I’ve done the first 3 which are great, but never heard of the last two – the Farmer’s Walk and Newspaper Scrunch. | 😛

  20. supplement says:

    Hey this is a great post . Can I use a portion of it on my site ? I would obviously link back to your page so people could view the complete post if they wanted to. Thanks either way.

  21. Dave says:

    To help build up my forearms, I’ve been using a hand exerciser made for guitarists. It lets you work each finger individually, so it’s great for finger strength. It hasn’t made my forearm muscles huge though, but that might be because there isn’t enough resistance. Thanks for this list of forearm exercises.

  22. Wright says:

    Wow! A bunch of forearm exercises here, good to know that. This list of exercises could be more interesting if you add some pictures of these exercises and it will be so much helpful for everyone who wish to try these exercises.

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